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Our fleet of multi-model transporters provides temperature-controlled, full and loose truck or container load formats, whichever best suits your needs. Our experience and professional transport team specializes in commodity handling whether you require bulk transfers, distribution services or project logistics solutions. Our delivery fleet is completely integrated into our warehousing and freight operations to ensure efficient and convenient management of commodities, providing you our customer full visibility and transparency whilst maintaining full integrity of the commodity.

  • Activities are supported by advanced technologies such as RF scanning, online location and temperature tracking, EDI transactions and document management.
  • Our fleet meet all requirements of temperature control, security and handling needs and cover the range of frozen, chilled as well as controlled ambience temperatures to ensure your commodity is managed to the highest degree of quality management.
  • Zero cold-chain disruption for all warehousing and cross-docking stations specifically equipped to guarantee continuous temperature control that meets all best-practice standards.
  • Professionally trained and experienced, friendly operations staff and drivers.
You can expect hassle-free door-to-door delivery, airport, seaport or border clearance, all with professional and personalized service.
Storage & Warehousing
We provide a comprehensive range of traditional storage and innovative-flow through warehousing solutions scalable to your specific or unique requirements. Our multitemperature capabilities meet the most stringent requirements for handling the full complement of temperature-controlled commodities. Customers can track inventory and plan orders based on real-time inventory data via our eVisio System.

Our facilities include:

  • Frozen Storage (-18 to -24 °C)
  • Chilled Storage (2 to 8 °C)
  • Controlled Ambience Storage (2 to 18 °C)
  • Dry Storage

All facilities are monitored with an IP based surveillance system and can be accessed by authorized staff from anywhere in the world. All warehouse locations are also monitored by a third party agency for burglary, temperature sustainment, ammonia and fire. You can expect;

  • Controlled and Limited Facility Access
  • Completed Inspections In and Out
  • Secure Protected Networks
  • Employee Background Checks

In the unlikely event an issue arises, we follow a very detailed corrective action protocol. Our facility also has a Warehouse Security Plan, which is rehearsed several times each year during unannounced drills.