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1. Making a mark by charring!
2. Confidence, passion, belonging, action, security, a set of unique values!
3. Let Shinyuu turn yours into a verb
Yes, brands have belonged to farmers, manufacturers, advertisers, organizations, and now… the consumer. They make and unmake brands, and they mean what consumers want them to mean. At Shinyuu, we understand product branding is critical on the path to purchase – it is your signpost telling consumers who and where you are – on the shelf in packaging, online through your logo, how your consumer uses the product itself and even when they interact with a member of staff.

Our branding approach is a blend of strategy, creativity and analytics, ensuring that you are not lost on your consumers’ journey to brand selection, be it a no-frills packaging design to a full-fledge branded product or defining and executing your company’s corporate brand essence. Our approach is pragmatic; balancing your short-term business needs against longer-term growth goals.

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Multi-Channel Revolution
We embrace the fact that democratization of technology has created a world without borders, and without limits. Changes in demographics and global spending patterns have now revolutionized the way decisions are made and how purchases are done. What was once a seller’s market is now a buyer’s market, and we help you realize the full potential of your product and business by harnessing the power of multi-channel platforms within the modern economy
  • Online, Social Media & eCommerce Development
  • Mobile Application Development – iOs, Android Apps
  • Front & Back End Integration & Development
  • Experiential Infrastructure

B2B or B2C. This is the age of B2E, why should you miss the ride?