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The Spirit of Partnership
We have a legacy of providing specialized logistical solutions to our clients and growing with them. In fact, our brand name was given to us by one of our longest-serving Japanese customers.

In the Japanese language, there are two meanings to Shinyuu – best friend (親友), and true courage (真勇). A name is an omen, and over the years, we have grown to live up to the expectations of our brand name.

We believe business need not be a zero-sum game – where one party has to lose, in order for the other to gain. A relationship based on trust, is particularly important in the supply chain business, where multiple companies are involved to move resources from the suppliers to end-consumers.

And it takes courage to stay true over the years; it is the only way of conducting business we know.

This manifesto will act as a commitment from both sides to developing a mutually beneficial relationship, one based on trust, openness, a genuine understanding of and interest in our clients’ businesses and a commitment to the long-term.

The five pillars of Shinyuunity;

Integrity ▪ Discipline ▪ Professionalism ▪ Initiative ▪ Teamwork